• -Who Is He-

    Joseph Hernandez is a community leader and proactive individual who is motivated and inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. Joseph brought this passion to one of the top 10 liberal arts colleges (US News and World Report), Skidmore College, where he obtained a degree in Bachelors of Science in May 2019.


    Joseph currently is a fellow of The Opportunity Network, an intensive, six-year program designed to equal the playing field for high-achieving, under-served high school and college students by creating access for them to career opportunities, professional networks and competitive colleges. He is also a public speaker, focusing on the impact non-profit programs have on a young person’s life, such as The Opportunity Network, Junior Achievement of New York, and Virtual Enterprises International had in him.


    Contact: joseph.hernandez999@gmail.com

  • Selected Adventures

    Exploring Rome Travel Seminar


    Selected as a participant on a transformative 17-day travel seminar to explore Rome as a living and layered urban environment, immersing myself in the city's history and culture. Learn more

    Skidmore in Paris


    Chosen to spend junior year of college in France to study and travel extensively throughout France for 8 months and develop first-hand knowledge and understanding of French culture

    Camino Seguro


    Skidmore College to Guatemala Alternative Spring Break Service Trip

    Leadership exChange


    Selected as a participant in the Global Leadership Exchange program in Prague, Czech Republic. A program that seeks to empower the next generation of change agents through a four-week comprehensive academic leadership program that includes: university courses, cultural activities, and community service.

  • -What Am I Passionate About-

    Never oppose small beginnings, you never know when they can turn into something big


    Chosen as one of 80 high-achieving New York City students for prestigious career development program that provides access to career opportunities, professional networks and college preparation.

    VE Alumni



  • -Where Have I Been-



    Being raised in a family where he is a First Generation Latino college student is a representation of what has fueled much of his life's desires. Before turning 21, Joseph has visited 16 countries, spoken to crowds of thousands and met multiple world leaders.




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